Marlow Collection

Evocative of English country hedge rows and flora, James Brindley introduce Marlow.  Varied, vibrant and fluid, Marlow's four designs work beautifully as a story for a myriad of drapery and soft furnishing projects. Marlow the lead designs swaying embroidered tendrils capture the senses, evoking rural idylls. Gallium's strong freeform embroidered trellis mesmerizes with an ever connecting and curving repeat.  Arley ordered and wistul this airbourne embroidered design depicts a delicate leaf stem bathed in the clarity of sunlight.  Finally Rubus a structrued tone on tone fern design, with a nod to the art of botanical drawing, delivers to an aesthectic eye.

(All qualities in the Marlow Collection are suitable for drapery only) 


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