Orton Collection

 The 'Orton' Collection, an earthbound story of nature imbued fabrics, eternally versatile and suitable for a variety of projects.

Orton, arching leaf fronds scale high from its natural 100% linen ground. Metallic embroidered yarns delicately shimmer. (Suitable for drapery)

Ghyll, echoes rock strata with its textured raised weave and natural composition of cotton, viscose and linen. Six gentle colours such as 'Robin's Egg' and 'Provence' lend subtle tones to all schemes. (Suitable for upholstery and drapery) 

Foss, softly infused, a malleable plain weave of linen, viscose, cotton and polyester. Six colourways harmonise from 'Buttermilk' through to 'Pistachio' green. (Suitable for upholstery)

Gilpin, a semi-plain with subtle dual tone weaves into six ground colours to create an elegant tweed finish. Belying it's soft handle, 'Gilpin' is ideally suited for domestic upholstery as well as drapes. (Suitable for upholstery and drapery)

Keld, an orbital embroidered linen radiates from it's neutral base cloth. Coloured from lush 'Courtyard Green' through to the exciting pale mint of 'Sizzle',  Keld's six colourways are impressive in their vibrancy.(Suitable for drapery)

Derwent, fluid embroidery meanders vertically down it's pure linen ground cloth.  In six tranquil hues, watery 'River's Edge', mossy 'Cliveden' and sweet 'Fonda Rose', deliver perpetual beauty in this co-ordinating design. (Suitable for drapery)


Please click on the samples below to view all available colourways.